Special Events

Our Redwood homes are an important part of their local community, that is why our leisure and wellness teams provide a programme that is full of community and social events throughout the year that involve our local schools, colleges, businesses and organisations, all with whom we continue to maintain great relationships with and incorporate them into many events that we hold at the homes.

It is natural for us all to feel connected and have an impact on our surroundings and community; at Redwood we pride ourselves on the ability to offer social activities that help to create links between our residents and their communities, and ultimately, bringing many generations together to engage and enjoy each other’s company.

We have great relationships with many local attractions such as museums, that allow our residents to have a hosted and specially crafted activity outside of the home that continues to stimulate their physical and emotional wellness, as much as we do in our own homes. It is important to us to maintain the ‘spice of life’ whilst in our care and our dedicated leisure teams work closely with attractions in the local area to create, plan and offer new experiences for our residents.

We often have guests from different walks of life that come into the Redwood residencies to offer a fresh outlook on many different topics and provide excellent events and activities that positively stimulate the residents. From guest speakers to specialist fitness consultants who offer refreshing ways to get the residents moving, engaging and interacting, Redwood care teams put their heart and souls into giving our residents new and fulfilling experiences.

If you are interested in working with us and our residents or would just like some more information on the special events we are holding throughout the year, a member of our dedicated Redwood teams will be able to assist you or book you in for upcoming events. Contact us here

General Information

  • Carefully considered special events that stimulate residents
  • High staff to patient ratio ensuring optimum safety and support during trips etc
  • Guest speakers, activity coordinators and taster sessions added into wellbeing timetables
  • Personalised wellbeing and leisure plans for each residents
  • Opportunity given to all residents to express their individuality and enjoy their time with us

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